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Relaxed surroundings

Visit us at one of our two locations. In these relaxed surroundings, you’ll find caring and dedication from Milkins Giles and Kirkhoff staff at a time you need it most.


Milkins Giles Funeral Home Inc.

4914 Kutztown Road
Temple, PA 19560
Phone: 610-921-3121

Your family and friends will easily find Milkins Giles Funeral Home on Kutztown Road in the heart of the residential community of Temple, PA.  Our funeral home is spacious, inviting and provides plenty of parking for all of your guests.

We have handicap ramps and restrooms, enabling all guests to maneuver easily.

Our service room is large and roomy; allowing plenty of space for gathering with friends during a visitation and ample seating room in pews and chairs for services.  We provide easels, tables, and multiple types of stands and equipment to set up the perfect memorial.

Guests may even comfortably watch the service from our family room by video.  The perfect place for parents with young children who may need some extra space.

When arranging services with your funeral director here at Milkins Giles, you will find our merchandise displays to be bright, attractive and modern. From memorial jewelry to caskets and urns, you will find many options to fit your unique service.

Kirkhoff Funeral Home

206 North Main Street
Bernville, PA19506
Phone: 610-488-1611

Kirkhoff Funeral Home has served the Bernville community for multiple generations.  Located on Main Street, our funeral home is easily accessed.  The large portico-covered entrance makes entering the funeral home easy, even in bad weather. There is plenty of parking in the rear of the funeral home and several blocks of off-street parking is also available.

Service and arrangement rooms are on the main floor and our restrooms are handicap accessible.  

Our service room is a chapel-like setting which offers a calm, peaceful atmosphere.  The service room is large with multiple pews for seating your guests and relatives.   Cushioned seating is also available; couches and soft elegant chairs line the room.   We offer framed memorial boards for displaying photos and stands for floral memorials and other keepsakes.

Our spacious foyer is perfect for displaying more memorabilia or to gather with friends and family to mingle and reminisce.  The natural light through the carved glass windows softly brightens the entire foyer.  

Your funeral director will lead you through the service options in the arrangement room.  With abundant seating and space, you may easily bring your spouse, children, siblings or other support with you when making arrangements.  Also, at our Kirkhoff location you will find our merchandise display to be bright, attractive and modern with selections for your unique service.

We offer valet parking for funeral processions and our caring staff is always eager to assist you.

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